Save the Environment: Drink Beer

Humans are not the only species affected by plastic waste. Some businesses are using some innovative ways to protect wildlife through go-green initiatives. Here are a few of the eco-friendly actions I have noticed over the past few months.

Plastic Straws
Divi Resorts has hotels in the Caribbean. I was on vacation recently in Sint Maarten and read an article stating the chain will no longer have plastic straws. The company has several “Divi green initiatives” that include water and energy conservation and recycling. Their staff members attend eco-workshops and participate in environmental committees. I think companies who not only follow green practices but also encourage their staff to think environmentally are making a difference in the world.

A little closer to home, Sebago Brewing Company in Maine has biodegradable straws. I am always happy to see this. Most people don’t think about straws when they consider plastic waste. Why would they? Straws are so small. Unfortunately, it is their size that can cause trouble in the ocean. Straws and straw pieces can be digested by sea life.


According to, in America alone, over 500 million straws are used per day. Many of those end up in the ocean where sea turtles, sea birds, and other sea animals ingest them.

Where does the beer come in?


Six Pack Rings
Final Gravity Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan teamed up with a company called E6PR. It stands for Eco 6 Pack Ring. The company makes biodegradable 6-pack rings for the brewing company’s beer. How inventive is that? Wait, it gets better. Not only are the rings quickly biodegradable, but because they are made from barley and wheat byproducts from the beer-making process, they are edible. No, I’m not suggesting you eat the rings when you are done with your beer. On the other hand, I won’t judge. But it will save countless animals who do ingest the rings! Check out this amazing video about the biodegradable rings!



Have you seen any businesses that are going green? Tell me how!


4 thoughts on “Save the Environment: Drink Beer

  1. wheelsofchange41 says:

    I bought Indian Food the other day and was delighted to see that it was packaged in a brown bag. Wait! It gets better. The rice was in a box made from sugar cane pulp, the curry carton fully compostable and so was the “plastic” lid. Antigua is doing great things as she quietly goes green. No fanfare, just getting the job done.


    • everydaychick1 says:

      That is wonderful! Ive been very excited to see so many changes in businesses lately. I also just found an online store,, that sells recycled kitchen and household items. And my favorite part is that the packaging is made from recycled cardboard and is biodegradable. This is an exciting time to see that change is happening in businesses….around the world!

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