Hopevid-19: Self-Sufficiency

The past four weeks have been eye-opening for me. I have had a chance to learn and think about things in a very different way. For starters, if you are interested in learning about pretty much anything, you can do so for free. There are thousands of online classes that offer every subject imaginable. It's... Continue Reading →

Hopevid -19: Appreciation

I saw an article online this week that asked readers to think about where they will be in five years. "What will you take away from this?" the writer asked. I've been doing a lot of thinking about that. Have you? Some of you may heed Covid-19 as a wake-up call. A time to work... Continue Reading →

Hopevid-19: The Rules Have Changed

Even Al is going caszh. Al Roker admitted to wearing stretchy pants during his broadcast on the Today Show. Times have changed. Many of us have been stuck at home for a week or more. And we are throwing social niceties out the window. I have also adopted a new business casual attire. Instead of... Continue Reading →


This is terrifying. Real life in March 2020 is terrifying. I am taking a break from my mystery short stories right now because, well...see above. I don't want to think about scary things. I want to think about happy, hopeful things. I have made some changes in my life over the past two weeks. Things... Continue Reading →

Bus Stop

Carl Travers arrived at work Friday morning at the Central City bus station. Travers had worked the 5:00 a.m. shift for 17 years. He had seen it all: people peeing in the garbage can, used condoms in the bus bay, hypodermic needles outside the reception door. So, it didn’t faze him - not one bit... Continue Reading →

The Retreat

Thursday 1:00 p.m. Out of the corner of her eye, Victoria could see Iris plodding down the hall, back to her desk outside Victoria’s office. She had inherited Iris a year ago, when she had taken over as the VP of Consumer Products at Yardley Foods. Victoria looked at her assistant and wondered if the... Continue Reading →

No Stone Unturned

Mark Franklin was fidgety as he sat in the jury deliberation room. They had been sequestered for 4 days now. No matter how much they discussed the case, it always came back to the same vote. 11-1, guilty. Mark was the 1, fighting against the tide. The windowless room was hot and stuffy. The fluorescent... Continue Reading →

The Apartment

Zoey felt the door slam inches from her face. She stood in the dim hallway, staring back at the dull gray door. Scratches and dents showed the years of abuse from tenants ramming furniture into it as they moved in, and then again on the way out. Zoey knew when she agreed to move in... Continue Reading →

Roomates – the Conclusion

The next morning, Alexa had already left by the time Misha woke up. Misha had to work after class and would be home late. She would have to wait until late tonight to talk about the sleepwalking episode with Alexa. By the time Misha got home, Alexa was already in bed. This left Misha feeling... Continue Reading →

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